Now you have the opportunity to install solar water pumps with All Solar!

Солнечная насосная система

We are glad to inform you, now you can get the water out with our strong solar deep pumps.

Solar water pumps are a cost-effective and reliable method for providing water where water and power lines are far away, or fuel and maintenance costs are significant.
Solar pumps are specially designed to power directly from solar modules, they are optimized for operation in very difficult conditions. To power conventional AC motors, pumps require a stable voltage and frequency, solar pumps can operate over a wide range of voltages and currents.

Advantages of solar pumps
Pumping systems on solar batteries have many advantages:

Savings of electricity and other fuel resources;
Independence from central water supply and electricity supply;
Easy installation (due to the lack of sophisticated electrical equipment);
Mobility and the ability to install anywhere;
Ease of maintenance;
Absence of probability of overheating of working units of the unit.

For the request, please indicate your needs. How many meters do you need to get water out, how many cubic meters per hour and how many kilowatts of required capacity.