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Uninterruptible power supply from All Solar

“All Solar” offers Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) from 1KW to 10KW for your home, offices, etc. With the help of our UPS you can safely use electrical equipments without being afraid of a temporary power failure. Also we can prepare UPSs large 10KW under the order.

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Google made an Internet service that allows you to check the efficiency of solar panels

Google continues to develop its Project Sunroof service, which allows to evaluate the efficiency and feasibility of installing solar panels on the roofs of houses in a specific locality (taking into account the roof slope, the height of the sun above the horizon, the number of sunny days per...

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The world’s largest solar power plant is under construction in the capital of the United Arab Emirates

News from the UAE and Abu Dhabi: Speaking at a press briefing, the deputy chairman of the UAE Executive Council said that the capital’s emirate has begun building the world’s largest independent solar power plant. The cost of the new station, called “Nur Abu Dhabi”, exceeds 3.2 billion dollars....

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In Shymkent there is an exhibition of commodity producers from Tashkent

In Shymkent there is an exhibition of commodity producers from Tashkent. All Solar is involved with their products. The exhibition is very interesting. Our interests are very large on our products, especially on solar collectors. The exhibition is held from 12 to 13 May. Below are the most interesting...

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