Innovative and environmentally friendly solar streetlights from All Solar

40W-All-SolarAll Solar presents a new high-tech solution for street lighting – solar-powered systems.
You, of course, could already meet small LED lights on solar panels to illuminate the gardens and suburban areas. But our offer is unique – we offer not small dim lights, we offer real street lamps with solar panels. LED street lights in themselves are a very economical option for lighting, and complete with a solar battery you no longer depend on the central power grid. Our luminaires are ideally suited for lighting at remote sites from power lines. However, in a city where the cost of lighting billboards is very significant, solar-powered lamps will not be superfluous.
The principle of solar cells is based on the use of solar energy. LED lamps on solar panels can be put even in places where cable laying is impossible, difficult or very expensive. The only necessary condition is the directivity of the solar panel under the sun’s rays. Then, during the bright time of day, the panel will accumulate electricity in the battery pack, and when the onset of twilight gradually give it to the lamp. When fully charged, the projector will operate for at least 10 hours.

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