The future is for the solar panels following the sun.

Principle of operation of solar panels Smartflower – sunflower behavior: they were going to the place where shines the sun . According to the developers, this type of panels will generate 40% more power than conventional solar systems.

Technology News: The Future of the solar panels to track the sun (VIDEO)

For movement Smartflower equipped with GPS-tracking, which allows you to track the location of the sun. At sunrise, the solar plant “blooms”, opening the panel at an angle of 90 degrees. During the day, “Flower Power” turns after the star, generating energy. At night, the panel closed, informs .


Developers also equipped with an inner panel installation purification system, which allows to generate an additional 5% of energy.

We add that the power structure of the panel unusual develop not only in Europe. In 2016, a Japanese startup Kyosemi proposed to improve the efficiency of solar panels, making them in the form of beads. In their opinion, it is this form will allow capture sunlight from any angle.